100+ Expository Essay Topics Recommended by Experts

When your teacher asks you to write an expository essay, they mean you should write in-depth on something you understand. An expository essay is also the same as an explanatory essay.

In some schools, your teacher may give you the topic for your essay which will make your work easier. However, in some other schools, your teacher will ask you to look for these explanatory essay topics by yourself. If you fall into the latter category, then you do not have to worry about crafting a topic. Whether you are a college student or a 7th grader, this article contains a list of topics that are appropriate to your level. So, continue reading to find the right topic for you.

Explanatory Essay Topics for College Students

  1. How is a story better told: in books or in movies?
  2. Discuss the top three rebellious acts of students
  3. How is morality subjective?
  4. Is virtual reality an advancement to modern-day learning?
  5. Discuss racism on campus
  6. How teachers bully their students
  7. Discuss male sexual harassment on campus
  8. Why do students oppose feminism
  9. Why do students oppose sexism
  10. Suitable punishment for erring college students
  11. How invigilators miss exam malpractice offenders
  12. Why students should be more involved in politics
  13. Why do students abuse drugs
  14. How to party and get good grades
  15. Why is religion necessary?
  16. What new technologies are of utmost importance to universities?
  17. How to live on a 100-dollar budget monthly on campus
  18. How to be the fashionable geek
  19. How to be the teacher’s favorite and not get hated by your coursemates
  20. The importance of cultural diversity in a school area

Expository Essay Ideas for High School

  1. What are the benefits of metaverse to society?
  2. What are the implications of metaverse to society?
  3. Why should people go to school?
  4. What is the relevance of formal learning to the 21st-century?
  5. Social media is today’s learning environment
  6. Should schools accept payment in cryptocurrency?
  7. The role of science in helping human relationships
  8. How often should a high school student work out?
  9. How many languages should a person learn in their lifetime?
  10. Should sign language be made a compulsory subject in all schools?
  11. Why do teenagers abuse alcohol and drugs?
  12. How to be a good person
  13. Should high school students be allowed to decide what class to show up for?
  14. Why is socialization necessary in the 21st-century?
  15. Is Morse code necessary in today’s language system?
  16. What are the future implications of global warming on the earth?
  17. How to preserve and protect the earth
  18. What is self-identity?
  19. Why cheerleaders outfits are indecent
  20. The best mistake of my life

Explanatory Essay Ideas for Middle School Students

  1. Why Kamala Harris is a role model for women in politics
  2. Why students should wear uniforms
  3. Should teachers wear uniforms as well?
  4. Discuss the best day of your life
  5. Discuss the worst day of your life
  6. Why do we need to hear the three sides to a story before passing our judgement?
  7. Which sports should be taken out from school sports?
  8. The teacher I admire the most
  9. The saddest day of my life
  10. The happiest day of my life
  11. Top 5 places to spend your holiday
  12. How to learn the Yoruba language in three months
  13. Top 10 extracurricular activities to engage in
  14. Top 5 profitable small businesses for middle school students
  15. How I met my best friend
  16. Healthy habits that can help save the planet
  17. Why more women should join politics
  18. How to be kind to the less privileged
  19. Why we should be kinder to animals
  20. How to learn how to play the piano in one month

Explanatory Essay Prompts for Grade 6

  1. Why your parents should be your best friends
  2. Why your pets should be your best friends
  3. How to make new best friends
  4. Should preteens wear makeup and short dresses?
  5. What does it mean to have a personality?
  6. Discuss a recent trip to the zoo
  7. Discuss a recent trip to the archives
  8. Discuss the settings of your school library
  9. How to watch Barbie and get straight As
  10. Should pop music be played in the school cafeteria?
  11. What changes should be made to your school?
  12. Should schools have movie nights?
  13. What foreign language should be introduced to the school curriculum?
  14. How to get back with an old friend
  15. 10 fun things to do on a Saturday besides homework
  16. How to play chess and win
  17. How to bake a chocolate cake in 10 easy steps
  18. Why grade 6 kids don’t need a bedtime
  19. How to stop bullying in the classroom
  20. Why grade 6 kids should not use phones

Expository Essay Ideas for Grade 7

  1. How to make a sad person happy
  2. The best gifts to give on Christmas
  3. The best ways to study for exams
  4. Why we should not body-shame people
  5. Why do people deserve a second chance
  6. Top 5 cartoons to watch on Saturdays
  7. Geeks are the most beautiful set of people in the world
  8. What I want to be when I grow up
  9. How to be a helpful neighbor
  10. How to eat healthily
  11. Why we should be vegetarians
  12. Why we shouldn’t be vegetarians
  13. How to save 50 dollars a month
  14. Why we should help the elderly and sick
  15. Why grade 7 kids should not use smartphones
  16. Why everyone should know maths
  17. What are the challenges of schooling?
  18. Why do grown-ups lie?
  19. Why do babies help to bring joy to someone’s life
  20. Why do students join gangs?
  21. Why do parents make siblings fight each other?
  22. Why it is bad to kill animals for food
  23. Describe your culture as a way of life
  24. Discuss two examples of gender wars
  25. Discuss why cats are better than dogs
  26. What are the best pets of all time?
  27. How to cook your favorite meal in five minutes
  28. Top 10 restaurants that you have visited
  29. Top 5 music to listen to when you are sad
  30. Top 5 songs to listen to when you are happy


Coming up with the right expository essay writing prompts makes it faster for you to go ahead with writing your essay. With the list provided above, all you need to do is select the one that matches your essay theme and submit it!